We Are Ready

In response to America’s high school drop-out crisis, ASAS launched its We Are Ready (W.A.R.) program to better prepare our middle school students for success in high school and beyond. Our curriculum targets middle schoolers who exhibit signs that they are at risk of dropping-out and helps them answer the question: Why does graduating from high school matter?


img-we-are-ready-sThrough career and college exposure, high school selection & application support, study skill building, counseling and mentoring, We Are Ready provides middle school students with the skills, information, and confidence they need to successfully navigate their transition into high school so they are better prepared to graduate.


We Are Ready gives students concrete strategies for success in high school and beyond. This year’s participants shared the knowledge they gained from participating in the class, filling in the sentence, “to prepare for high school, college, and career, I will…” Student responses: “study more,” “take SAT prep classes,” “find clubs [in high school] that will help with my major and finding a job,” “get good grades,” “obtain a good mentor.”


•    99% were promoted to 9th grade with the rest of their class.

•    58% of We Are Ready students started on dropout “Watch Lists,” demonstrating high risk for dropping out through low attendance and grades, and poor behavior.
•    86% of We Are Ready students improved their daily school attendance and behavior evaluations.