Why ASAS Puget Sound?

ASAS programs are completely free for all students

  • We do not charge our students or their families any membership fees to participate in our programs, nor do we charge any annual dues to receive our comprehensive services.


ASAS programs are school-based

  • We are one of the few after-school providers in South King County that offers on-site programs at under-resourced schools where more than 60% of students qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. In addition, we provide free bus transportation to ensure all students have equal access to our services.


ASAS has a strategic focus on serving middle schoolers

  • Middle school is an age group historically underserved by after-school program providers. While there are many early childhood enrichment services for elementary schoolers and extra-curricular clubs and school-based sports activities for high schoolers, few programs in the South King County area offer safe and structured opportunities for middle schoolers. We fill this gap by tailoring our comprehensive programs to address the specific, unique needs of this critical age group.


ASAS programs are comprehensive

  • Research shows that a combination of academics, enrichment activities, and healthy lifestyles improves student achievement significantly more than academics alone—therefore we structure our programs around all three components to best equip our students for success. In addition to homework help and a variety of regular enrichment activities, we also offer field trips for career exploration, cultural arts and other fun opportunities that allow our students to experience the Greater Seattle area beyond their immediate neighborhoods.


ASAS is solutions-oriented

  • We take our role as a “program provider” to a whole new level. As a “solution provider,” we integrate research-based, long-term strategies to curtail the severe crises America’s youth are facing. Our four strategic program initiatives were designed to address the issues most adversely affecting our students and their communities:

    • We Are Ready prepares 8th graders for success through tailored academic support, as well as high school readiness and college exploration enrichment activities
    • Career Exploration Opportunities prepares students to thrive in the 21st century workplace and inspires long-term future planning
    • Sports as a Hook helps students become healthy and empowered through connecting athletics to lessons on leadership, teamwork, gender equality and environmental stewardship
    • Life Service Action develops students’ sense of social responsibility and civic awareness as they design and lead their own community service projects


ASAS programs are culturally responsive

  • Many studies show that youth taught by educators and mentors of the same ethnicity tend to perform better and have fewer absences or suspensions. Our culturally responsive programming model involves building a diverse program staff that mirrors the variety of our students’ ethnic backgrounds, unique cultures and experiences.


ASAS is highly collaborative with other nonprofit organizations

  • While our approach and strategies may differ from other youth services in the Puget Sound region, we aim to complement existing providers through partnership-building initiatives—which we believe are necessary to best serve our students. These collaborative efforts enable us to leverage resources and promote diversity in our services to effectively serve more low-income and minority youth.